Product Review: Mammoth Sports Mattress

Sleep! We all need it, yet so many of us struggle to get a decent to good nights sleep 2-3 times per week if we are lucky. Without sleep a normal person can suffer such miserable days, just ask parents of newborns, not to mention long term negative health issues both mentally and physically. But as athletes the need for sleep is paramount to continual success in the gym or out on the competitive field. We need that time to allow the body to go into a deep restorative slumber so that we can recuperate from the rigours of our sporting/competitive endeavours.

Being a restless sleeper myself I have always been intrigued by the claims of those that sell memory foam mattresses and how said mattresses have such a positive effect upon our ability to get a good nights rest. Some time ago I purchased quite a thick memory foam mattress topper to see if there were any justification to these claims. At the time I was severely suffering with a knee injury (industrial) which would wake me constantly because of the pain. What I found was the foam helped to stabilise my body better whilst I slept so I did not get myself into so many uncomfortable positions which would then wake me up. The quantity of sleep did not improve vastly but the quality did, which is paramount for the body to get into its nightly sleep cycles.

As time wore on so did the mattress topper and what I found was the warmer the body, bed and bedroom the more I sweated into the mattress so some mornings you wake feeling as if you`ve spent the night out on the razzle and are suffering the “hangover” feelings the next day.

Knowing that the topper was now coming to the end of its use I did some research looking into the various memory foam mattresses out there. The trouble I found was one of price. You could go for the well known brand of TEMPUR with its hefty price tag or you could go a little more down market and be left wondering if you really did get a bargain or not.

Then one day whilst thumbing through a copy of Runners World in my local Sainsburys I saw an advert for Mammoth Sport Ltd and their Mammoth Elite Sports Mattresses not to mention they had a sale on. I took down the website address and did some research when I got home. As with all things that is internet sales and shopping your initial reactions are that it all looks and sounds too good to be true. Lots of science, fancy words, promises etc etc etc. So I did what any true bargain hunter does and I dug a bit deeper, I emailed the company with a number of questions and requested an information pack. The email questions were answered and the pack arrived just a day or two later. Along with the email I was also sent a number of testimonials from other satisfied customers to look through and see their experiences.

Things were looking professional & there seemed to be no pressure sales patter going on, even though they did phone to ask if I had received the information pack & were there any further questions I would like answering.

Eventually we decided to take the plunge and get one. Whilst I will not hide the fact that there were a few hiccups with the delivery and concerns on my part as to the correct size of the mattress, these were all dealt with immediately, not to mention an apology from those I was dealing with but also the managing director of the company who also offered a refund of the delivery charge.

Now to the mattress itself. I was warned, and had seen testimonials myself, that you either love it from the off or it takes a few weeks to adjust to the new sleeping positions. We took a few weeks to adjust. The mattress is not like a normal memory foam mattress, it does not sink when your body heats up the bed/mattress. It is a lot firmer than you think but because of the way that the mattress is designed it does contour to your body without the sagging effect of traditional memory foam. And an added bonus is that I do not sweat half as much with this style of mattress as I did with regular the memory foam. And it helped a lot with a back/hip issue I have had which seemed to flare up more if I slept funny.

8 months later I am still extremely happy with the purchase and even though I may not be sleeping perfectly every single night, the time I am asleep it is a lot deeper than it has ever been on any other mattress we have had.

I highly recommend them.

Next time I will be looking at another product which lots of people find they need to have just right to get a perfect nights sleep. Pillows. Mammoth do not do pillows, I`ve spoken with them about it, but I have found an other company that does and I`ll be trialling two new ones over the coming weeks.

So stay tuned for that update.

Steven. A. Barlow© 2011

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