Product Review: SleepAthlete Pillow

In the earlier post 40 Mammoth winks we discussed the benefits of using a memory foam mattress to help not only with athletic performance but also overall back health.

As everyone will be aware, sleep is vitally important to us on so many different levels. But for those who partake in an extensive exercise program sleep is an even more important piece of the puzzle to consistent improvements. As we sleep we fall into 5 different stages of sleep, the most commonly know of these is rapid eye movement or REM as it is normally known. These stages are roughly 90 minutes in duration during which the body will carry out its various activities for optimal health and recovery. During stages 4-5 we go into what scientists term “slow wave” sleep and it is during this period that the body releases growth hormone a extremely powerful hormone that aids in repair of the body.

A lack or reduction in sleep can negatively affect everything from recovery to coordination which will play havoc with your physical performances both in the gym and on the field of competition.

With this in mind I recently purchased a new pillow, well I did need one, from and in particular this pillow. The reason I chose this pillow was simply because I already had one of that shape to help support my neck and shoulders and I do like them compared to a regular shaped pillow.

The pillow arrived just a couple of days after ordering but on opening I found that it was the wrong one even though on the pillow bag it did state the correct one. After emailing the company to inform them what had happened the correct pillow was dispatched and arrived the following day.

Quick service and they never even asked for the original pillow to be returned. Now that is what I call customer service.

Upon inspection the first thing that became evident was the size of the pillow. It was nearly double the size of my original one and one of the biggest gripes I have found when people switched to memory foam pillows, especially the Orthopaedic pillows, is that they are too low and small. So small in fact that the Orthopaedic pillows get dwarfed in a normal sized pillow case which visually can put a lot of people off purchasing or giving them a fair chance to work.

Not a problem with the Sleep Athlete pillow I had.

In fact it only just fitted into the pillow case it was that big.

Without boring you with too many details, after 2 weeks of continued use I can honestly say the pillow is a resounding success. Not only am I managing to sleep more comfortably with no more neck stiffness if I do sleep in a weird position but the quality of sleep is quite possibly the best I have experienced in a number of years.

The neck support to be fair is first class and even with initial doubts the first time I saw how big the pillow was. And when I placed my head on it it was a lot softer than my original pillow. But the contours are just perfect for holding your head & neck in the right position for sound sleep.

The next test for the pillow will obviously be during the summer months when I will be interested in how the extra heat will affect the memory foam itself and overall support. But until then I can wholeheartedly recommend Sleep Athlete Pillows for a good nights sleep to compliment my Mammoth Elite Sport memory foam mattress.

I will be looking forward to trying further products from Sleep Athlete range.

Steven. A. Barlow© 2011

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