Metamorphosis of Bodybuilding Part 2

In the first part of this series we covered some of the main issues faced by body-builders of today and how the mainstay of internet forum discussions and advice given can more often than not revolves around the use of chemical enhancements when all else seems to fail. Even though a lot of the time this information is given in a hope of helping the individual who has reached a plateau in their training, more often than not it will be based on previous advice given to the individual now giving such advice or it is something that has been read elsewhere on the internet or over heard in the gymnasium. Such advice does not always get to the route of the problem for reaching a plateau in a persons progress.

You will see on the forums that there are those who will ask for a more in depth history from the person seeking advice but even with this extra information nearly all will not be able to see the forest for the trees.  Diets will be published with tweaks made here and there and an increase of calories usually up there at the forefront. Supplement lists altered. Alterations to training routines with the now normal suggestions of 5×5 based programs to help build a base or a reduction in volume because most see volume training as a dirty word in this day and age. Do less but do it HARDER!!!

Oh dear, and we wonder why so many burn brightly then fade into obscurity.

Below are the observations of a good friend whom I asked to read some on-line journals that had me tickled pink because the reasons that the journal writers were having so much trouble making progress was as plain as the face they see looking back at themselves in the mirror each day.

I had a quick scan through some of the journals. I may have missed key points BUT….. after reading what I did and looking at the pics I think Im correct in what Ive always thought: There are a lot of gym goers who beleive they are bodybuilders just because they lift weights. They seem to see something in the mirror that isnt there. They seem to think that under that extra stone or two they are carrying is some show winning body. Its rarely the case. The average person cant deadlift away their fatboy lifestyle and tough guy weekend drink / drug routine. Sometimes when they shed the 2 stone of fat they realise they have another 2 stone to go…… And when that eventually comes off they are staring at an average build and not the shredded Yates like monster they imagined. You cant just gain fat, then shed fat and expect to be Mr Britain…. Especially when the gear doesnt play ball!

Whilst I think that the use of chemical enhancement will never be eradicated fully from any form of sport from the underground gymnasiums of body-builders to the Olympic games no matter what governments or sporting authorities do, it is the ones who through sometimes no fault of their own receive incorrect advice from others who are walking the very same well worn path. And will continue to walk that path bringing others onto it through default.

Ask yourselves this. If Eugene Sandow could build his body and the strength he did without the use of squat racks, any form of bench to work his “pec”, limited food sources with minimal scientific data on nutrition, other than eat natural foods, and why the body responds the way it does to training stimulus. And make a career out of what he did why can`t you do the same?

And the answer is not genetics.

In part 3 we will start to look at one of the most basic things someone can do to help them make continual progress and to a lot it is such a dirty word.

Steven. A. Barlow© 2011

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