A little bit

“A little bit of what you fancy does you good”.

How many times have those older than us said that as we grew up?

Yet being youngsters we are usually hell bent on pushing everything to its extreme and beyond. As the fitness / coaching industry, online and mainstream, seems to run around like headless chickens waging their finger at all those that carry excess blubber and waffling on about how their training programs will give them that beach body in 6-8 weeks or 3 easy steps. I usually have to step back and take a deep deep breath then chuckle at their usual holier than thou attitudes.

Being overweight is a problem and can have dire consequence’s if left unchecked but there is a bigger problem a much bigger problem and one that has been around for centuries.

The excessive consumption of alcohol.

As the worlds economic crisis shows no sign of easing you are left wondering how many more people are turning to a good night out or a few extra drinks at home in an attempt ease the woes and to simply forget the financial pain that so many are going through. Not the best approach to solving ones problems but it is the usual one people have turned to for centuries.

“Just drown your sorrows and it’ll look better in the morning”.

As I’ve pondered this problem and article this past few days I am drawn back to something my Nan once wrote for me and how she, and a lot of her generation, approached the use of alcohol. And would like to share with you.

  • Whiskey: Pain killer
  • Brandy: Heart stimulant
  • Rum: Preservative
  • Gin: Cleanses the Ovaries and Kidneys
  • Sherry: Nerves
  • Port, Guinness, Stout: Blood builders
  • Beer: Flushes the Kidneys
  • A tiny amount of red wine does you good.

As you can see from the above a little of what you fancy does do you good.

Once people learn to embrace the finer things in life you will find that they tend to enjoy more but consume less. And by consuming less they will show a better example to their own children and their approach to alcohol consumption in their adult years.

“Monkey sees monkey does”

Steven. A. Barlow, Co founder www.spartan-warriors.co.uk , co founder New Spartan Training Systems LTD and founder of Spartan Runners ” because we don`t just run” © 2011

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