Spartan warriors is a community and forum set up by Steve, Scott and Paul to spread the word on anything and everything that is exercise and sports performance related. The original idea was born by Scott who persuaded Steve that there was a need for a community/forum that would and could cater for a wide variety of athletic and sporting endeavours. Unlike the multitude of forums on the internet which blindly followed a set system and training “mythology” irrespective of the advances in sports science. This along with New Spartan Training systems and New Spartan Gyms “Centre for functional Performance” based in Watford, are leading the way in Specialist Strength and Conditioning Programs, techniques and methods. An amalgamation of everything old and new in the strength and conditioning field.. Paul and Steve together have over 60 years experience in the sports and performance field from mountain biking, road running, football, Scottish stone lifting and athletics to bodybuilding and unique traditional English races. Steve having just competed in his second world coal carrying championships with an overall improvement of 7 places in the last 12 months of training. Scott is our resident highlander, training in judo, MMA and weights with a new found interest for long dark runs through the highlands savouring the outdoor life and the call of the wild.

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