Review: Ready to Run by Dr Kelly Starrett.

If you’ve never heard of Dr Kelly Starrett I have to come to the conclusion that you’ve been living in a cave in the back of beyond. It’s my own opinion that he’s the best thing to come out of the Crossfit revolution that’s been sweeping the planet this past few years. From his hundreds videos of Youtbe to his first book Becoming a Supple Leopard he’s burst into the conciousness of millions through his zany humour and presentation to the wealth of in-depth information he’s put out there so that we all have the ability to heal ourselves and improve the quality of our performance and lives.

In Ready to Run you have a blueprint to get you to your absolute best in terms of mobility, performance and how you feel on a daily basis. Free from aches and pains and joint restrictions that so many are plagued by in their everyday lives. You’ll learn mobility techniques through the well photographed and detailed explanations along with following his 12 standards which are the heart of the books philosophy.

The book is easily laid out and very readable. At the end of each chapter there are a number of recommended mobility techniques you can use which you’ll find in the later half of the book along with some samples plans you can follow along to. Throughout the book you’ll also get a perspective from a runners standpoint from T.J. Murphy and how Kelly helped him recovery from his own injuries.

One thing I would like to stress is that this book is not purely aimed at “runners”. Lets face it we all run at some point in whatever sport we choose from Crossfit to strongmen there are running events thrown into the mix come competition time and the last thing you need is to pull up midway through a sprint because of bad tissue restrictions leading to terrible mechanics.

There is something in there for everyone to take home and use.

I’m currently on my second read and even though some of it is familiar territory with already having Becoming a Supple LeopardReady to Run is easier to grasp and help you get to the root course of your issues. My own take home messages have been the utmost need to have enough ankle and hip mobility to do a pistol squat so that I can run much more efficiently in better alignment and expend less energy whilst doing so.

A worthwhile read and addition to any ones training library.

Steven A Barlow, Co founder and founder of Spartan Runners “because we don’t just run” © 2015

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