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Plantar Fasciitis: Death by a thousand footsteps. Part 1

Is it Plantar Fasciitis or is it Plantar Fasiosis? Plantar Fasciitis: Inflamation of the Plantar Fascia. Plantar Fasiosis: Micro-tears, Scar/dead tissue of the Plantar Fascia. The jury is still out but what is 100% crystal clear is the pain and … Continue reading

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Product Review: Kinetica Sports

Recently I was lucky enough to receive 3 samples of Kinetica Sports products from Muscle Supermarket. The samples consisted of; Whey protein banana flavour Whey protein strawberry flavour Recovery orange/mango flavour First to be used was the banana flavour whey protein. … Continue reading

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Race Review: The Pain Barrier

On a cold, windy, wintry day on December 1st I entered the inaugural  The Pain Barrier 10k race. Held at the Parkwood Off-Road Centre. The setting had stunning views of the surrounding area and was very open and exposed to the elements. It was cold. … Continue reading

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